The Reality of your Sales Organization is simple yet complex at the same time… You’re either growing or you are shrinking. Which one are you?

Welcome to Mega Invents

Mega Invents is a family like yours. Family owned, family operated, and fully dedicated to enhancing the home life of your family. We have been guided by one vision, and this vision has propelled us ever forward. Knowing and understanding the needs of your family, we were driven to find the means to fill those leads. That has led us to where YH-Goods is today. From a homey mom-and-pop shop in Brooklyn to an international E-commerce firm, manufacturing and selling top-quality home goods, lovingly crafted with your family in mind. We now own 4 top-selling brands; Finedine, Zober, Zimmer, and Earthmade.

Our Mission

“To offer innovative, stylish, and high-quality products at an affordable 

price point, improving and adding convenience to 

our shoppers’ home lives.” 

Our Headquarters

31 Elkay Dr. Chester, NY 10918


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